Excerpt from Chapter – “Discovered”

Published February 13, 2017

Working and learning with the collie Alice had named
Tommie became Tucker’s compensation, his avoidance.
Spring; then summer. The usefulness and structure of this fascination
began to take hold and expand, well separate of his greatest
concern: the need to attract and embrace—simply understand.
Grief indelible… The dog was there for so many things. A mere
collie who mingled in the hushed memory, the landmark happenings
of Alice and Tucker’s middle life.

By the time the collie was four years old, Glen Simmons had
shown his movies of Tommie working cattle to nearly all the
creamery employees, and several of the township ranchers. In consequence,
Tucker was asked by the Hendersons to help gather the
Crooked Oaks. The Conlon brothers invited him for the Highland
Allotment. And notorious Spruce Draw, the Nelsons.

Alice never rode.