Excerpt from Chapter – “Home”

Published February 25, 2017

Tucker often thought of the old Jasper Park when his grandfather
reigned: calm winter snows, blue-green summer, cleansing
rains…gathering thunder—a soundness—children at the feet of
couples. The raveling began when his grandparents took a road
trip, one bountiful fall, and never returned. While driving their
Ford sedan and viewing the Columbia River, a one-ton truck met
them head-on. The other driver had been drinking.

With this sudden void, his uncle and aunt chose to move,
gather their young family in search of an unfound wealth. And like
a subtle change in the climate, the discovery of his father’s disability
wound to the surface.

Alastair’s twenty-eighth year marked their leaving of the Voss
house, and the start of a seriously failing health. He again lived in
the building where he had been born.